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Do you ship worldwide?

We currently only deliver to the countries in the European Union that are listed on our Delivery page. Delivery is free within the European Union. Deliveries outside the EU may incur additional charges. For more information concerning the shipping, p

Does vetsak deliver in parcels like DHL Box?

A delivery to a DHL box is possible, however, only for pillows and covers.

What are the shipping costs?

You can find information about our shipping costs here.

How long does it take to ship to my home country?

Shipping time to your home country depends on the courier:. Shipped via DPD: Germany: 1-3 working days Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic: 3-5 working days Switzerland: 6-7 working days (depending on processing time

Can I arrange a delivery date with you?

Unfortunately, that is not possible because we have no control over the courier's potential delays. If your order is being delivered by DPD, you can arrange a desired delivery date directly with DPD by providing them with your tracking number. You wi

I did not receive all my packages. What can I do?

Our sofas and beanbags are always shipped in multiple packages. Therefore it can happen that not all packages are delivered at the same time. If you have not received all packages, we ask you to be patient for a few days.

I live in Switzerland, UK or Norway and I would like to place an order. Is there anything I should be aware of?

We are happy to ship your favourite vetsak product to your home country, even if it´s not in the EU. The prices are exclusive of VAT. Please be aware that delivery to any European country outside the EU can take between 10 - 20 days, in few cases eve

How do I know how many packages I will receive and why don't you ship your products in one package only?

Beanbag:. We ship our beanbag in 2 packages. One package contains the inner bag, and the other one contains the cover. Sofa:. Each Sofa Seat is shipped in 3 packages:. 1x Set 1 consisting of the foam spring and quilt,. 1x set 2 consisting of the EPP

What happens to the pallet on which the Rhenus forwarding company delivered my Sofa?

Rhenus delivers your sofa on disposable pallets, which are not taken away again. You can, therefore, simply dispose of them.

I have configured a sofa. Where can I see the delivery time?

Please place your configuration in the shopping cart. There, you will be able to see the delivery time for each module and individual product.

Do you deliver to Turkey?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have the option to deliver to Turkey. However, you can have your order delivered to any address in the EU and arrange delivery to Turkey from there on your own.

My order was shipped with the freight forwarder Rhenus. How can I track my shipment?

A freight forwarder operates differently than, e.g., DHL or DPD. Since Rhenus will contact you directly by phone regarding a delivery date, there is no tracking for Rhenus deliveries. You can therefore assume that the agreed delivery date will be met

Which shipping service provider do you use?

The shipping service we use depends on the destination country and the number of parcels. Enclosed you will find a corresponding overview:. The order consists of more than 26 parcels: RhenusRhenus works with subcontractors. Therefore, it may be that

I live in a mountainous region. Can it be delivered here without any problems?

Delivery to a mountainous region is possible but involves higher delivery costs, which we are obliged to charge the customer.

Will my order be carried into my house / apartment?

No, we only deliver to the curb.

I am unable to unpack and assemble my sofa now. How can I check if I have received all the parts?

You are welcome to place your order now and have it shipped at any time in the future. If you have already placed your order, it is important to know that the 30-day return period starts once the order has been delivered. Please be aware that it is y

What are your delivery times?

You will find the delivery times for each product on the product page.

I live in Switzerland / Norway / UK. What are the import / customs fees?

Please reach out to your customs office for more information regarding the fees.

I would like to pay for my order via bank deposit. Will the shipment time be affected?

Please be aware that your order only gets sent to our warehouse once it has been paid for. Example:. You order a sofa with a shipment time of 2 weeks. After 1 week you transfer the money to our account. This is when the 2 weeks lead time will start.

I would like to request a replacement delivery to a non EU country. Will I have to pay for customs and delivery again?

Customs will charge you even for the replacement delivery. In case we made a mistake (e.g. we sent a wrong item), we will reimburse you for the custom fees. In this case we won't charge delivery fees. If you ordered a wrong item or would like to exch

What's the weight and dimensions of the parcels that I will receive?

Beanbag:. We ship our beanbags in 2 parcels. One parcel contains the inner bag and the other the cover. The Beanbag:. Inner bag: 49 x 51 x 75 cm - 21 kg. Cover: 56 x 8 x 56 - 2.5 - 6.5 kg depending on fabric. The Jumbo Beanbag:. Inner bag: 52 x 52 x

How long can the delivery date be postponed?

There are no limitation as to how long the delivery date can be postponed.

Why am I being charged for a delivery with Rhenus?

When we deliver with Rhenus, you might be charged in the following cases:. 1. You live in a mountainous region. 2. You agreed on a delivery date with Rhenus but you weren’t present at the time of delivery. 3. You are not able to accept the delivery o

Do you ship to islands?

We do ship to some islands. Please find an overview below: