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Do you ship worldwide?

We currently only deliver to the countries in the European Union that are listed on our Delivery page. Delivery is free within the European Union. Deliveries outside the EU may incur additional charges. For more information concerning the shipping, p

Does vetsak deliver in parcels like DHL Box?

Unfortunately we don't.

What are the shipping costs?

You can find information about our shipping costs here.

How long does it take to ship to my home country?

Shipping time to your home country depends on the courier:. Shipped via DPD: Germany: 1-3 days Austria, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic: 3-5 days Switzerland, UK: 10 - 20 days (delivery might take longer due to cu

I did not receive all my packages. What can I do?

Our sofas and beanbags are always shipped in multiple packages. Therefore it can happen that not all packages are delivered at the same time. If you have not received all packages, we ask you to be patient for a few days.

I live in Switzerland, UK or Norway and I would like to place an order. Is there anything I should be aware of?

We are happy to ship your favourite vetsak product to your home country, even if it´s not in the EU. Please be aware that delivery to any European country outside the EU can take between 10 - 20 days, in few cases even a bit longer. First your order