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Product - Beanbag

What's the secret behind vetsak® beanbags?

We found a new generation of bean bag filling thanks to our revolutionary hybrid foam filling. Each beanbag is softer, finer and above all: even more comfortable. No rustling beans or pellets and no volume loss. The innovative filling adapts to any b

Can I adjust the filling volume of my vetsak® bean bag?

We offer all our customers a five-years warranty on filling. You can individually customise the comfort of the seat and the hardness of your vetsak. The zipper allows you to easily adjust the filling volume according to your needs by either removing

How can I repack my vetsak® bean bag?

In order to repack your vetsak, you will need the original plastic and a conventional vacuum cleaner. Here you can find our easy to follow shrink instructions→. Don't have your original plastic anymore? No worries, just reach out to our Customer Happ

I have such a hard time deciding which beanbag will be the best fit for my living room. Can you help me?

We are happy to help you here. Take a look at our website with your smartphone. As soon as you click on beanbags cord velour, you can use our augmented reality feature by clicking on "view in my space" and see how our beanbag looks in your living roo

Can I buy foam for my beanbag separately?

Of course you can! If your beanbag has lost volume after the guarantee has expired, you can always order more filling material from us. Simply contact your Customer Happiness Team.

I have received additional filling for my beanbag but the foam flakes are bigger than the ones in my beanbag. Is this an issue?

Not at all! The size of the foam flakes has no impact on the comfort. Both sizes can be mixed with each other.