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How do I know how many packages I will receive and why don't you ship your products in one package only?Updated a year ago


We ship our beanbag in 2 packages. One package contains the inner bag, and the other one contains the cover.


Each Sofa Seat is shipped in 3 packages: 

1x Set 1 consisting of the mat and quilt, 

1x set 2 consisting of the EPP base and feet / connectors 

and the cover. 

We ship the Sofa Sides in 2 packages, the Sofa Side Set as well as the Cover. 

The "Sofa in a Box" is part of our vetsak business model. Every customer does not only know 100% what’s  inside their sofa, but they can also replace individual parts, clean their sofa or change its shape at any time instead of having to buy a completely new sofa. This way, we are able to adapt to your lifestyle and mood.

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