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When will my favorite product be available again?

We are sorry that your favourite product is currently not available. To make sure that you don't miss out on when we will be able to ship it again, we recommend you sign up for our newsletter.

What about the 30 days trial?

We offer you the opportunity to try your new vetsak bean bag or sofa for 30 days risk-free and comfortably at home. If you decide within 30 days that your vetsak product is not a good fit for you, simply send us an email at [email protected] and we

I would like to test your product, however, I prefer not to place an order to test it out.

Absolutely! Just check out our store locator. You can simply enter the name of your city and see which retailers in your area offer your desired vetsak® product.

Do you offer Fabric Samples?

Yes we do! – Order your free fabric samples here and find the perfect match for your home! Unfortunately, we are currently not able to send fabric samples to countries outside of the EU. We are, however, working on a solution.

What's the secret behind vetsak® bean bags?

We found a new generation of bean bag filling thanks to our revolutionary hybrid memory foam filling. Each beanbag is softer, finer and above all: even more comfortable. No rustling beans or pellets and no volume loss. The innovative filling adapts t

Can I adjust the filling volume of my vetsak® bean bag?

We offer all our customers a five-years warranty on filling. You can individually customise the comfort of the seat and the hardness of your vetsak. The zipper allows you to easily adjust the filling volume according to your needs by either removing

How can I repack my vetsak® bean bag?

In order to repack your vetsak, you will need the original plastic and a conventional vacuum cleaner. Here you can find our easy to follow shrink instructions. Don't have your original plastic anymore? No worries, just reach out to our Customer Happi

How can I create my favourite sofa?

You are welcome to use our configurator to combine our sofa modules, fabrics and colours and create your personal favourite sofa. You will also be able to see the dimensions of the sofa to make sure it fits in your home.

How do I set up my sofa?

Hate building-up furniture? Us too. That’s why we designed Sofa to avoid frustration in every way. Building it up is super easy and effortless, as every part fits together in just a few clips and clicks. No need for any tools, screws, yelling, crying

Can I add new modules to my sofa?

Our vetsak® sofa allows you to create a unique piece of furniture that reflects your own personality and lifestyle. Our modules are available in numerous colours, fabrics and dimensions and thanks to its modular design, you can upgrade your sofa over

How are the sofa modules connected?

The modules are connected by a simple click mechanism on their feet, and they can not slip. This simple technology also allows many different combinations of our modules, which can also be expanded or changed at any time. Feel free to watch our assem

Can I order covers separately?

Of course you can. We offer individual covers for our bean bags, sofa modules as well as for our Footsak. Check out our covers here.

Are the vetsak® covers washable?

All covers (excluding leather) for our beanbags and sofas are washable. Please have a look at our care instructions for more information. All vetsak covers are interchangeable and are also available separately. Please visit our care instructions here

How should I take care of my vetsak® products?

We highly recommend you to follow our care instructions for our vetsak® products. Simply click here.

I want to buy a product for outdoor use. Can I leave it outside in winter?

Linen, Canvas (waterproof) and Knit (water resistant) guarantee an extremely high resistance to water, frost, heat, mould and mildew. Nevertheless, in winter or during longer absences you should store your products in a dry, unheated and well-ventila

My vetsak product is over 30 days old and has defects. What can I do now that the return period has expired?

No worries, we´ve got you covered!. Our products are very durable. Normally, defects should not occur. However, if something should happen, we will gladly exchange the affected part for you if the defect occurs within 5 years. Please note that damage

I find it so difficult to determine which fabric fits best in my home. Can you guys help me make a decision?

Absolutely! Our Customer Happiness team is trained to advise you on this. Just send us photos and the dimensions of your space and we'll help you find your perfect vetsak product.