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Can I buy covers for my pillow separately?

Unfortunately we currently don’t sell covers for our pillows.

Which fabric is most suitable for pets?

The great thing about our products is that you can wash all your covers except leather. However, regarding possible damage resulting from animals scratching the product, we cannot guarantee that our fabrics will remain free of damage. In this case, w

Can I wash my pillows?

You can wash the cover of your cushion in the washing machine as usual. We do not recommend washing the inside of your cushion yourself, but rather using a professional cleaning service.

Can your fabrics be ironed?

We do not recommend ironing our fabrics. However, there's actually no need to do so. Once you put the cover on your sofa / beanbag / footsak, you will not see any wrinkles.

Do you have any information about the Martindale score of your fabrics?

We do! Here you go:. Cord Velours: 10000. Velvet: 20000. Knit: 90000. Canvas: 30000. Linen: 22000. Herringbone: 28000. Pique: 28000