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Comfort Delivery with Assembly Service

Why am I not seeing the option to book an assembly service?

We only offer assembly service for orders above 3000 EUR and for certain areas. If you're about to order items worth at least 3000 EUR and you're not able to see our assembly service, this option is unfortunately not available in your area.

What is included in the assembly service?

Our assembly service includes the delivery to your place of use, the assembly itself, as well as the disposal of the packaging. The disposal of your old sofa is NOT included.

Which delivery partner do you use?

We work with an external partner for our assembly service.

Will I have to dispose of the packaging?

Our delivery partner will dispose of the packaging.

Will you also dispose of my old sofa?

Unfortunately, we can't dispose of your old sofa.

How will a return work since I don't have packaging?

If you would like to return your order, feel free to reach out to our Customer Happiness Team.

If I return my order, will you also refund the costs of the assembly service?

If you return your order, we will only refund the costs of the items returned.

Can the assembly service also be booked for beanbags?

As long as the minimum order value is 3000 EUR, the option to add an assembly service will be visible regardless of the items you're about to order. We recommend an assembly service for sofas only since the assembly of a beanbag is pretty quick and e

How can I arrange a delivery date with you?

Our Customer Happiness Team will reach out to you to arrange a delivery date. Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation via email.

Will the delivery time change if I book assembly service?

Since we work with a third party, your order first needs to be handed over to the delivery partner. This might have a slight impact on the delivery time.

I would like to give feedback on the assembly service. How can I do that?

Our Customer Happiness Team will contact you after delivery and assembly and ask for feedback.

What if I want to wash my covers at some point? How will I know how to do this since I didn't do the assembly myself?

Our delivery partner will be happy to demonstrate how to add and remove your covers. We will also provide you with all the manuals that you need.