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How heavy is my sofa?Updated a year ago

Because our sofa is not made of wood but of EPP, it makes your vetsak Sofa as light as a feather. Here you can find more details:

Sofa Seats: 

Sofa Seat 105x105 Set 1: 14kg

Sofa Seat 105x105 Set 2: 12kg

Sofa Seat 105x084 Set 1: 13kg

Sofa Seat 105x084 Set 2: 11kg

Sofa Seat 084x084 Set 1: 12kg

Sofa Seat 084x084 Set 2: 10kg

Sofa Sides: 

Sofa Side 105x031 Set: 14kg

Sofa Side 084x031 Set: 12kg

Large Seat Covers: 

Velvet: 2kg

Cord Velours: 2.35kg
Faux Fur: 5.8kg
Flokati: 5kg

Knit: 2.92kg

Canvas: 2kg

Linen: 2kg

Medium Seat Covers: 

Velvet: 1.85kg

Cord Velours: 2.15kg

Faux Fur: 4.7kg

Flokati: 5.4kg

Knit: 2.65kg

Canvas: 1.72kg

Linen: 1.72kg

Small Seat Covers:

Velvet: 1.75kg

Cord Velours: 2.05kg

Faux Fur: 5.25kg

Flokati: 4.55kg

Knit: 2.4kg

Canvas: 1.64kg

Linen: 1.64kg

Large Side Covers

Velvet: 1.8kg

Cord Velours: 2.05kg

Faux Fur: 5.15kg

Flokati: 4.45kg

Knit: 2.52kg

Canvas: 1.7kg

Linen: 1.7kg

Small Side Covers: 

Velvet: 1.66kg
Cord Velours: 1.92kg
Faux Fur: 4.95kg
Flokati: 4.25kg

Knit: 2.25kg

Canvas: 1.55kg

Linen: 1.55kg

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